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About Språkkvalitet

Språkkvalitet - a small consulting firm
Språkkvalitet is a Swedish consulting firm. I am the owner - Helena Englund - and I am the person who completes the assignments, handles the administration and administers this web site. But I rarely work alone, and many of my assignments require working together with others. In my network you will find other language consultants, designers, organization consultants and legal experts.

I am Helena Englund
I have been working with written and spoken language since 1993. I teach Business Writing and Writing for the Web, give speeches, survey communication problems and edit texts. My idea of written and spoken language is that it should be clear and free from unnecessarily difficult words and complex sentences.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Swedish and am especially interested in usability and communication on the Internet. I have co-authored the book Klarspråk på nätet (Plain language on the Internet) and have published articles in several scientific periodicals. And of course I write articles on this web site, but they are all in Swedish.

Språkkvalitet is a member of two international associations promoting plain and simple language; Plain and Clarity.


Helena Englund 



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